Want To Be Fully Booked?!
Top 50 Vacation Rental Listing Sites
For Vacation Home Owners

The ultimate goal for any vacation property owner when renting a vacation home is to increase the potential for bookings and profitability. To have successful vacation rentals is essential for ensuring you’re getting the best return on your investment and you’re generating the income required to pay for property maintenance, improvements, and continue to ensure your property portfolio is thriving.

These days, marketing your property is essential to stand out from the crowd and online listings for your property have opened up a world of opportunity for savvy vacation rental listing owners looking to enhance their rental rates and get the most bang for their buck.

Choosing the right platform to advertise and promote your property is crucial.

​It goes without saying that these days, if you want to get your vacation rental listing to stand out from competitors, you need to list it on an online booking site. But what site is the best option for your vacation listing?

In this article, we’ll explore over 50 sites worldwide to consider when listing your vacation rental online. We’ve taken the hard work out of searching the web for all the rental listing sites to provide our top 50 picks for you to explore.

Considerations when using vacation listing sites for your vacation rental property:

When you’re in the market to promote your vacation listing, you want to gain access to a global audience of travelers looking for vacation listings in your specific area. Online vacation listing sites are a great way to get the exposure you’re looking for by simply uploading your vacation rental’s details and some pictures.

Things to consider when choosing which vacation listing site you wish to use include:

  • Does the listing website reach the right audience for your property?
  • Does the site attract potential customers without charging huge fees?
  • Has the website got marketing in place to ensure you increase the bookings throughout the year, not just in peak season?

At the end of the day, your vacation listing site should give you the opportunity to fill your vacation property when you need the property rented the most. For instance, non-peak holiday times and times when the property is notoriously empty are difficult, yet important periods to have your property rented out.

If you’re looking to find the perfect vacation listing site for your vacation rental, here are our top 50 sites to explore.

Our Top Ten Vacation Rental Listing Sites

  1. VRBO – Over 2 million house rentals worldwide on the site.
  2. AirBNB – This website is a global network of short-term rentals from locals and well-know for the site to use for searching for holiday rentals.
  3. Booking.com – With over 1.4 million vacation rental bookings every day confirmed on the site, they are the go-to for many vacation property owners.
  4. HomeAway– This site reaches travelers in 190 countries over 50+ dedicated sites.
  5. Flipkey – TripAdvisor branched out to offer a rental property platform.
  6. Couchsurfing– An opportunity to stay with locals in every country on earth offering local experiences.
  7. Fewo-Direkt– With a focused German audience this site offers short-term property rental listings and promotes 550,000 properties around the world.
  8. Abritel – Part of the HomeAway website family and focused on the French audience.
  9. Stayz –  Offering unique properties in thousands of locations across Australia.
  10. Homelidays – The largest pan-European for rent-by-owner vacation rental site. 

​Do you have listings on the ‘right’ websites for your vacation rental property?

After that long list of options, do you ever wonder which websites are best for your rental property and whether your choice of vacation rental websites are working to your rental properties full potential?

For most vacation rental property owners it is a chore to find the time, resources and expertise to go through all these websites to find the potentially appropriate site.

There are many things for a vacation home owner to consider ahead of creating a vacation property listing including:

  • How many of these sites are the right fit for your property?
  • Will the site reach the right audience for your property?
  • Will the site increase bookings?
  • How does the website attract potential customers’ attention?

A vacation property owner often sticks with the one or two sites they have listed the property with and wait for the bookings to come in. This business strategy is not an ideal way to yield significant financial benefits.

Continually analyzing the different sites available online and keeping up with the market trends will help you reach the highest level of profitability for your rental property. But do you have the time to constantly be keeping an eye on analytics?

Understandably examining vacation rental websites regularly to see any changes and updating rental listings is time consuming and sometimes just not practical for a lot of vacation home owners.

Another thing to consider when choosing a vacation rental website is the traffic. Are you advertising on the right platform and reaching the right audience? You have to make certain that the visitors will be interested in your type of property. It doesn’t matter how many views you receive; the importance is the right people are viewing your property.

The process of listing a vacation property and getting the ‘right’ leads and bookings is a challenging one and something that many find frustrating and challenging on an ongoing basis.

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The team at Plus+ Vacation Rental understand that managing a rental property can be challenging at times. Finding the time to be available day or night and answer all inquiries from potential customers can be demanding.

Ensuring that the guests are happy and your online reviews are positive is critical for your vacation listings and online search results. A continuous and essential part of meeting your customer’s needs is to pay attention to the positive and negative reviews. Successful vacation home owners must take all the feedback given by a guest about their stay and the property as invaluable information and ways to improve the property and service. A non-response could wind up meaning cancellation of future bookings or a decline in bookings for your vacation property.

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